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Kitchens used to be in the back of the homes and were only used for washing dirty dishes and cooking food. Gone are those days and we are living in an era where kitchens happen to be the focal point of a home. More and more of our customers request us to design a kitchen at the very center of the house. It has become a place that brings everyone together after a long and tiring day.

It is no secret that kitchen remodeling is an expensive endeavor. If you want to make the most out of your investment, checking on the latest trends would keep your kitchen relatable for the coming years. Our experts have collected the latest trends and tips the kitchen remodeling companies follow in 2021.


Coffee makers are brewing coffee and pre-determined times, refrigerators are alerting homeowners that grocery items are running low and you can control lighting with your smartphone. Isn’t it magnificent?

As homeowners are spending more time in their homes and kitchens, they are experimenting with novel technologies. This gave way to a technology-integrated kitchen much faster than we expected. Motion-sense-equipped faucets were easy add-ons quite popular in the last years. You can either add smart gadgets to your existing kitchen or build a smart design from the scratch.

Dark And Bold Cabinetry

White is on its way out. Although it’s a classic we are seeing an all-white kitchen drift away. Kitchen remodeling experts are opting for mixed finishes for countertops, kitchen islands, and cabinets. Blues and greens are among the favorites when it comes to color pops.

For not-so-brave hearts, neutral colors are timeless classics. We have installed dark-colored cabinetry in the last year in more homes than any of the previous years. The dramatic and luxurious feel is all worth the hype!

Streamlined Or Minimalistic Aesthetics

Just like any other design aesthetic, kitchens are becoming more streamlined or minimalistic. Almost all of the kitchen remodeling companies are removing upper wall cabinets because homeowners need larger and brighter space. That does not include affecting the functionality of the kitchen but experimenting with alternative designs and materials such as open shelving and textured wood. Simple but not anywhere near boring.

Quartz Countertops Still Reign Supreme

We are dedicated to bringing you the best of what the world has to offer and trust us, quartz countertops still reign supreme. The material is sturdy and can last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. If you need a high-end look for your like, call us now because we offer our customers the largest collection of countertop materials and the best prices. For those who are working with limited budgets, we have got something for everyone.

Effective Storage Options

Either it’s a small or a large kitchen, storage space is just never enough. As the kitchen designs are getting more streamlined, homeowners are looking for effective storage solutions within the cabinets. Some of the most popular options include drawer dividers for cutlery & utensils, appliances garages for small appliances, pull-outs for spices, tray dividers, caddies for pots & pans, and roll-out trays.


Hardwood has been the epitome of luxury and comfort. Ceramic floors are joining the race of popular options as they are available in a wide range of designs and styles. Hardwood-look alike ceramic is actually replacing the hardwood floors as it is easier to maintain.

Whether you need a multipurpose kitchen island or storage-efficient and sturdy cabinetry, we are a kitchen renovation company you can count on.