granite countertop

Contractors love to break granite countertops into pieces for removal but can be completely removed with a well-planned plan. Granite is very heavy and fragile, so if you want to store it, you need to remove it carefully. We recommend that you seek professional help to make the whole process a success. The task itself is very simple, but the task is completed with enough patience to succeed. This guide explains how to remove Granite countertops most safely and easily possible.


It is the most important step when removing the kitchen countertop. This includes cleaning everything from drawers, cabinets, and countertops.

Step #1:

Start by turning off the faucet under the sink to prevent water from spilling out in the process. Turn off the hot and cold-water valves by turning them clockwise until the water runs out. Finally, disconnect the water line above the valve by turning the nut counterclockwise with a wrench.

Step #2:

Trace separated water lines to the bottom of the sink. Remove the large jam nut by turning counterclockwise with the pliers. Slide the tab up from the pliers to remove it.

Step #3:

Locate the mounting brackets around the bottom of the sink inside the cabinet. Loosen and remove the nut on the bottom of each bracket by turning it counterclockwise. For granite countertop sinks, use a spatula to dig under the rim of the sink. For wall-mounted sinks, simply use a chisel or spatula to break down the putty and adhesiveness. Gently tap the bottom of the sink with a rubber mallet to pry it open. Lift the sink and remove it.

Step #4:

Inspect the underside of granite, as it is covered with a layer of plywood between the cabinet and the granite. When dealing with stone, remember to position the cabinet against the stone floor. To remove it, loosen screws inside the cabinet connecting the plywood panel to the cabinet.

Step #5:

Remove the cabinet internal screws from the plywood under the granite countertop. Use drill and screw head. Find the screws going through the top frame from the cabinet to the plywood bottom. If you can’t find it, you’ll need to break the seal that connects the granite to the plywood before removing the plywood.

Step #6:

Every few inches, tap the tip of a small bar with a hammer and flatten it behind the edge of the apron in the top corner. Screw the apron gently to the wall, starting at the corners along the entire length, until the apron is not attached to the wall. Do the same for each granite countertop apron that you want to remove.


Granite is a very hard surface that will not break with normal use. Removing granite countertops after installing them is not easy. However, you can remove it carefully by the below steps.

Step #1:

First, find the joint between the cabinets and the countertop. Look inside the top of the cabinet to check for connections. Use a hammer to strike this joint with the tip of the lever. Lift slightly to release the glue. Insert a piece of wood between the countertop and the side of the cabinet to hold the granite countertop in place. Continue tightening and inserting spacers from the front of the cabinet until you can slowly lift the entire front frame.

Step #2:

Continuing to move inside the cabinet, use a pry bar and hammer to lift the granite slab inside the cabinet until you reach the far end. Wooden spacers or padding should be inserted at each step to maintain space between the cabinet and the granite slab. Move slowly to avoid cracks. Work the entire length of the deck and lift only over the next few inches.

Step #3:

Place at least one person for every 3 to 4 feet of the counter along the front edge of the rack. Working together, tilting it slowly from the back edge. From there, you can carefully move the granite countertops to where you want to store them.

Step #4:

One way to do this is to store it upside down. Work slowly to loosen the glue and remove the plywood. Use a heavy-duty scraper to scrape off any remaining plywood or adhesive on the granite floor.

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